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IDDSI Survey

International Dysphagia Diet Standardisation Initiative (IDDSI)
Do you work with patients that have dysphagia?  If so, please take the Iowa IDDSI Survey:
Paula Watkins, RD, LD, CDE
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Free Public Policy Webinar

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Watch the SNAP-ed Farm Bill Webinar by Doris Montgomery and Christine Hradek. The Farm Bill is up for reauthorization; and SNAP accounts for 80% of  the Farm Bill’s total cost. 

SNAP is highly effective in preventing food insecurity and is linked with improved health and lower health care costs. SNAP helps one in eight Americans put food on the table and keeps more than 8 million people out of poverty, including nearly 4 million children.

SNAP is especially beneficial for pregnant mothers, reducing the likelihood that a child will be born with low birthweight by between 5 and 23 percent. Children participating in SNAP are less likely to have nutritional deficiencies, and more likely to thrive and have better academic outcomes.

If food and nutrition are part of your profession, policy should be your passion.
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June is National Dairy Month – the perfect time to celebrate the delicious dairy foods that fuel our bodies and minds. Midwest Dairy is excited to offer a National Dairy Month Toolkit to help you celebrate! 

This toolkit has communication, engagement and graphic resources to elevate your event and bring dairy to life all year! 
Open Tool Kit

IAND Board and Council Transition Meeting

Friday, June 15th

Iowa Beef Industry Council Building
2055 Ironwood Ct.
Ames, Iowa 50014

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June 2018 Featured Member
Lyndi Buckingham Schutt RDN, LD, PHD
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Myth: Fresh vegetables and fruits are too expensive.
Fact: While vegetables and fruits might be more expensive than your typical fast food, it is important to make them a part of your daily diet. There are ways to lower the cost of fruits and vegetables such as buying in season, buying in bulk or even growing your own! (

Myth: Fruits and vegetables are not worth keeping in my kitchen because they go bad.
Fact: Fruits and vegetables do go bad, but there are ways to keep them lasting longer. For example, bananas can stay fresher longer if you keep plastic wrap around their stems. Also, celery can stay crunchy longer if your keep it wrapped in aluminum foil in your refrigerator. If you notice any fruits or veggies going bad, stick them in the freezer for later use or even a smoothie! (

Myth: There is sugar in fruits, so it is bad for you.
Fact: Many unhealthy foods contain added sugar such as high fructose corn syrup which massively increases fructose intake. Fruits contain fructose as well, but in very low amounts, which is not harmful to your body as these are natural sugars. Fruit is also good for you because of the vitamins, energy, and fiber it provides for your body. (

Myth: Fresh fruits and vegetable are more nutritious than frozen fruits and vegetables.
Fact: Most frozen fruit is just fresh fruit frozen directly after harvesting. Freezing the fruit freezes the time and any nutritional value. (

Myth: Fruit and vegetable juice is healthier than actually eating the fruit or vegetable.
Fact: Some believe that juicing provides the body with more nutrients than eating. Eating the fruit and vegetables gives you more daily fiber intake, which promotes a healthier gut and keeps you fuller longer. Juicing does not have fiber, but if eating fruits and veggies does not sound pleasing, it is a great way to receive nutrients. (
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