Myth: Chocolates and flowers are the only accepted gifts on Valentine’s Day.
Fact: While the box of assorted chocolate and bouquet of flowers are popular, they’re not the only gifts you can send. Try this quick, healthy snack at home that is just
as tasty but without all the sugar. Mix 2 cups pretzels, 2 cups heart- shaped cereal, 1 cup freeze-dried strawberries, and ½ cup chocolate chips (

Myth: Never refrigerate tomatoes if you want to keep their nutritional value and bright red color.

Fact: You can store them at room temperature unless they’re very, very ripe. To halt the ripening process, you can refrigerate them for up to two days (

Myth: Store tomatoes stem-side up.

Fact: Although it may look odd, storing fresh tomatoes stem-side down can prevent bruising. (

Myth: Cranberries are only nutritionally valuable because of their vitamin C content.
Fact: Nutritional analysis reports indicate that cranberries are a good source of vitamin C, as well as fiber, potassium, and cell-protective antioxidant phytochemicals (

Myth: It’s believed that the number of lobes a bell pepper contains has something to do with its gender. Females supposedly have four lobes, are full of seeds and sweeter while males have three lobes, and less sweet.

Fact: It is the flower, not the fruit, which is the sexual organ in plants. Bell peppers produce flowers having both male and female parts (known as “perfect” flowers). However, there is no particular gender associated with the actual fruit (

This month we’ll be seeing a lot of red; bright red hearts, blush flowers in bloom, yummy chocolates wrapped in crimson foil, and of course that persistent glowing haze of romance in the air.

Ahhhh, doesn’t that set the mood? But that’s not all this month is celebrating. Many aren’t familiar with the origin behind this month’s popular tradition, Valentine’s Day. Saint Valentine, who during his time was a Roman Priest, was thrown in prison and ultimately gave his life for marrying young couples. It was thought that unmarried soldiers fought best because they weren’t preoccupied by a woman’s love, in which they’d hope to return.

Undoubtedly, I can speak for everyone when I say I’m glad laws have since changed, although it’s good to keep this history in mind when celebrating the holiday. It’s amazing when I stop and think how much I take for granted in my own life; health, education, freedom, and who’d have thought… love?!

This month we’re promoting heart-healthy meals with ‘red’ as the main ingredient! Red fruits and vegetables contain health-promoting phytochemicals for a healthy heart, memory health, and urinary tract health. Check out some of our ‘red’ recipes for Valentine’s Day, or any time of day. Help your heart stay healthy with these delicious treats and remember, love isn’t to be taken for granted.
‘Red’ Recipe Ideas:

♥ Heart-shaped pizza- Shape dough into a heart or use a cookie cutter to make individual hearts. Spread with your favorite tomato sauce.

♥ Pasta with tomato sauce- For fun, serve heart- shaped pasta. Check with stores offering specialty shapes or order online.

♥ PB & C- Make an open-faced PB & cranberry sandwich. Cut bread into a heart, spread peanut butter and dot with cranberries.

♥ Coveted Coleslaw- Use red cabbage and toss in red pepper, red onions, and apples.

♥ Oatmeal- topped with dried cherries.

♥ Raspberry Smoothie- Ration vanilla Greek yogurt to a few tablespoons of frozen raspberries.

♥ Pink/Red Grapefruit- Top with a sprinkle of brown sugar or agave nectar.

♥ Red Grapes- Great as a side dish or for an afternoon snack.
Updated IAND Website to Launch in March

Based upon IAND member feedback, the IAND website is undergoing some updates! 

The updates being made are to establish a consumer site versus a member site. 

The consumer site will be the main page and will promote the Registered Dietitian profession by providing information on how to find a Registered Dietitian, recipes, blogs by our spokespeople and so much more. 

The member site will require you to use your existing login and will provide all internal governing documents, meeting and event information, ballots and more. 

Stay tuned to the launch of the new and improved IAND website coming in time for National Nutrition Month!

The website will not be down for any length of time. If you have questions or require login assistance please contact us

Upcoming UIDDA Meeting
Workshop for RDs and others on trends in our food supply and Integrative Nutrition. Come join the Upper Iowa District Dietetic Association on Friday February 23rd, in Waverly, for a meeting that may change your way of life or at least your way of eating.

Annie Cull is Director of Communications at the Good Food Institute, a non-profit organization dedicated to creating a healthy, humane and sustainable food supply. Annie will provide an overview of new animal protein alternatives, discuss the positive aspects of a plant-based diet and provide samples of these products along with nutritional information.

Monica Lursen, Executive Director of IAND will give us an update on the Iowa Academy of Nutrition, including legislative issues and strategic planning. She’ll also provide information on how to obtain CEUs through the IAND website.

Dr. Suzanne Bartlett Hackenmiller, an MD in integrative medicine will present on inflammation, disease and how nutrition and lifestyle changes can reverse the inflammatory process.

The meeting will be from 9:30 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. at the Waverly Civic Center, 2000 1st St. NW, Waverly, IA 50677. 

Lunch will be provide as well as  4.5 CEUS for RDs  Cost $40 to non-members.

All are welcome.

A great program at a phenomenal price. Please RSVP to Mindy Ellsworth by February 19th at or 641-330-5179.
Available in Spiral Bound and Hardcover!
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February 2018
Featured Member

Susie Roberts RD, LD
IAND February 2018 Featured Member - Susie Roberts

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2018 Annual Legislative Day

Our annual Legislative Action Day is coming up on Tuesday, February 20, 2018, in Des Moines!

This is a fantastic opportunity to meet face to face with your elected Representatives and Senators for the state of Iowa. Typically, we meet in Des Moines across from the capitol building. 

Together, we have breakfast, short informational meetings, then lunch. In the afternoon, we will walk across the street together and meet with your state leaders to initiate positive change in the health of Iowans! 

If you're nervous or this is your first Legislative Day, no one will have to attend meetings alone - there is always a group.  We meet with our state leaders to let them know who RDNs are and how we can improve the health of Iowans. 

Click Here to View More information about the upcoming Legislative Action Day

If you would like to find your legislators:

Please contact Tina Bauermeister with any questions
Code of Ethics Update
The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND) and the Commission on Dietetic Registration (CDR), its credentialing agency, abide by the Code of Ethics which was last approved on June 2, 2009. According to the AND website, the Code of Ethics “…provides guidance to dietetics practitioners in their professional practice and conduct.” 

The Code of Ethics applies to all members of the Academy who are credentialed (RDN or NDTR), not credentialed, as well as RDN’s and NDTR’s who are not members of the Academy. The Code of Ethics consists of 19 principles, which are divided into the following five categories:

Jessica Setnick’s
Eating Disorders Boot Camp:

February 24, 2018

Virginia Thompson Auditorium (IMMC)
UnityPoint Health – Des Moines
1415 Woodland Ave, Des Moines, IA 50309

Click Here For More Information

As part of the continuing effort to proved Benefits and Opportunities to IAND Members, the IAND has made available sessions from the 2017 Annual Meeting as Webinars. 
MNT Newsletter
To find out how the growth in Medicare Advantage plans offers opportunities for RDNs, and learn about resources for understanding and reporting under MIPS, read the latest MNT Provider.
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Calling all 2018 Iowa Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Awards Nominations!

We are a state rich with outstanding nutrition professionals and we encourage you to nominate those you feel are worthy of recognition this upcoming year.  

Nominations are currently being accepted for the following awards:
  • Medallion Award 
  • Recognized Dietetic Technician of the Year
  • Recognized Young Dietitian of the Year
  • Outstanding Dietetics Student
  • Recognized Outstanding Dietitian of the Year
  • Emerging Dietetics Leade
  • Gem Award

NEW this year! Scholarships for continuing education activities!
Request funds for things like:
  • CEU activities/Events
  • Educational Conferences
  • Certification Exams
  • Research
  • Publishing 
  • Educational Tools

Nomination forms and the selection criteria for each award are posted on the awards page of the IAND website at

District dietetic associations or IAND members may submit nominations.  
Self-nominations are also accepted.  

Nomination forms are due March 2, 2018 and completed applications are due by April 6, 2018. Please help in recognizing those who make great contributions to our profession- nominate yourself or a fellow dietitian.

Beth Fielder RD, LD
Awards Committee Chair
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Save the date for the Iowa Dietetics in Health Care Communities event!

Coming in April 2018, details will be released soon with more information.

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