JANUARY NEWSLETTER – Healthy and Happy New Year!

Posted on 10 Jan 2018
  This month we’re going to focus on a unique B vitamin that is an essential part of our diet and health; folate. Folate aids in the production of new cells, is a preventative measure against heart disease, and helps keep us energized throughout the day. All of us need a healthy,

Dietitian Reimbursement – What’s on the horizon for 2018?

Posted on 08 Jan 2018
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Happy New YOU!

Posted on 08 Jan 2018
While you may have received some fun, new holiday gifts like gym shoes, a FitBit, or wireless headphones, hitting the gym hard doesn’t have to be your only New Year Resolution for a healthier you. Heavy breathing, side cramps, and extreme soreness can be challenging symptoms to stay o

Antibiotics and Obesity

Posted on 27 Dec 2017
It’s probably safe to say that most of us have at least one childhood memory that involves choking down a liquid antibiotic that even a spoonful of sugar couldn’t help. Despite all the attempts to mask the taste with bubble gum, cherry, and grape flavors, our sophisticated palates tol

Tropical Fruit Month

Posted on 18 Dec 2017
December may be Tropical Fruit month, but that doesn’t necessarily mean we are experiencing tropical weather. We are probably experiencing quite the opposite in fact, and that typically means its dark by 5 pm, the sun hasn’t shown in 5 days, and we are bracing ourselves for the next c


Posted on 07 Dec 2017
Update on Action Alerts   There’s still time. We currently have three Action Alerts open. As we are nearing the end of this legislative session, we encourage you to take action on the following (if you have not already done so):   1.  Preventing Diabetes in Medicare Act, (H.R. 3


Posted on 05 Dec 2017
By this time, you’ve probably made it through all the Thanksgiving leftovers that have been crowding your fridge. That’s great because now it’s time to start making room for Christmas cooking! And – let’s not forget – New Year’s just a few short weeks behind… Do you see a

Christmas with Aronia Berries

Posted on 04 Dec 2017
What are aronia berries? Are the just the latest “super-food”? Also known as “choke berries” due to their incredibly tart, puckery taste, are native to northern North America. These blue-purple wonders are high in vitamin C; but their biggest claim to nutrition fame are the levels of

Dietitian Reimbursement – A New Billing Tool, & an important update on IBT Services!

Posted on 03 Dec 2017
Dietitian Reimbursement – A New Billing Tool, & an important update on IBT Services! By Susie Roberts, RDN, LD Reimbursement Co-Chair for IAND As I mentioned in my November update, I participated in my first FNCE in October, where I attended several sessions on insurance reimburse

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