Food and Drink “Pearing” for the Holiday!

Posted on 07 Dec 2015
Tis the season for parties, family and fun! And with this comes plenty of over-the-top recipes, rich food and delicious drinks. But through it all, there is one simple, succulent and sweet treat that I love to make a part of my celebrations. The pear. The perfect pear…and here’s why&#


Posted on 04 Dec 2015
December is the time of year when holiday traditions, creating special memories, and family get-togethers are in full swing. For many, this also means the start of holiday madness. Our theme this month is “Healthy Holidays.” While office parties, traveling to visit family, and s

Diabetes: What you need to know.

Posted on 30 Nov 2015
Whether you personally have diabetes or you are trying to decrease the risk of a diagnosis it is all about the numbers. Blood glucose (blood sugar) numbers that is. Blood glucose monitoring is the main tool you have to check you diabetes control. This check tells you your blood glucos

Tasty and Healthy Holiday Eating

Posted on 23 Nov 2015
With the holidays quickly approaching, many people fear overeating and weight gain. It IS possible to eat your favorite foods and maintain your health and not feel deprived from October through January. It is a matter of balance and planning. I have a family favorite that even kids lo

2015 ANNUAL MEETING – Photo Highlights

Posted on 18 Nov 2015
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MEDIA SEGMENT – Roasted Brussels Sprouts and Butternut Squash with Dried Cranberries

Posted on 16 Nov 2015
Move Over Holiday Casseroles…   There’s a New Side Dish in Town! The holidays are a time to gather with family and friends and — let’s be honest — enjoy all of your favorite holiday foods! But for someone trying to watch their waistline, the worry over calories, carbohydrates and fat

2016 Food Trends

Posted on 16 Nov 2015
Just like most kids, I was a picky eater when I was growing up.  Mac and cheese, grilled cheese, hot dogs, chicken strips, noodles, potatoes and corn were my main staples. However, when I turned 20 something changed and I decided it was time to try new food. I tried and liked eggs, fi

NOVEMBER NEWSLETTER – American Diabetes Month

Posted on 10 Nov 2015
November is an exciting and busy month for the Iowa Academy!  For those of you that attended our Annual Meeting, we hope it was a fulfilling 2 days of passion and purpose. We would love to hear your feedback, as planning for next year has already started. November is also American Dia

Mental Madness – Keeping your stress at bay

Posted on 09 Nov 2015
So far it has been one of those months where my schedule is complete madness.  I am not only working 40+ hours Monday-Friday but work weekends, travel a lot for work, attend professional MBA classes 7 hours a week and still try to maintain some sort of physical activity.  I understand