People need to eat more fiber.

Posted on 19 Jan 2016
People need to eat more fiber. National surveys and scientific studies that analyze the intake of specific nutrients in the average diet have estimated that as much as 90% of the American population does not routinely consume the recommended daily intake of fiber in their diet. This i

Fight Food Cravings

Posted on 11 Jan 2016
A major reason that people overeat is the negative feelings that can occur after as little as a couple of hours without food. Feelings of hunger can trigger physical and emotional symptoms that drive intense cravings for food and contributes to overeating. Biochemically, these craving

Irish heritage and National Oatmeal Month

Posted on 05 Jan 2016
Irish heritage and National Oatmeal Month January is National Oatmeal Month, designated to celebrate one of our favorite breakfast cereals! One way I have recently connected with this whole grain is through steel-cut Irish oatmeal. My family has always been proud of our Irish heritage

Southwest District Dietetic Association (SWIDDA)

Posted on 04 Jan 2016
Southwest District Dietetic Association (SWIDDA); an active group of dietitians in southwest Iowa that meet three times per year.  SWIDDA meets for one hour and provides educational offering at our meetings with a variety of topics that pertain to the field of dietetics. Previous meet

MEDIA SEGMENT – Simple Strategies for a Healthier New Year

Posted on 02 Jan 2016
Simple Strategies for a Healthier New Year The beginning of a new year is often a time for making resolutions for a healthy lifestyle, but sticking with making healthy eating choices can be a challenge. By using a few simple strategies in the kitchen, you can set yourself up for succe

January Newsletter

Posted on 01 Jan 2016
January is a month most people look at as a time for new beginnings. New Year’s resolutions are in full swing as we are moving on from the holidays. All of us are very familiar with some of the biggest New Year’s resolutions: eat healthier, lose weight, and increase physical activity.

Say Please to Pears

Posted on 28 Dec 2015
What has 100 calories, 6 grams of fiber, vitamin C; has been a part of history since 5000 BC, included in artwork by the Renaissance Masters and along with a partridge, was immortalized in an 18th-century Christmas carol, The Twelve Days of Christmas? Tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tic

Christmas Coconut!

Posted on 18 Dec 2015
Happy Holidays!  I am sure many of you have started, if not already, completed your holiday baking. I am a little slow when it comes to my holiday preparation. I have not purchased one gift as of right now and I also have not thought about my plans for next week. I like to be a little

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