Posted on 09 Oct 2017
Each year I feel so many blessings being here and able to experience an Iowa fall. It truly is an exceptional time. Family members from the coastal regions come visit, and while they insist on bringing coats to “endure” the 60 degree weather, they wouldn’t miss the opportunity to see


Posted on 05 Sep 2017
  Hey sports fans, make some noise because this is your month! Touchdown, goal, assist, corner flag, high stick; whatever your lingo, show your pride by wearing your colors and cheering to show your support! Not a sports fan? You don’t have to be one to show some support and figh

AUGUST 2017 NEWSLETTER – Kids Eat Right Month

Posted on 01 Aug 2017
August is a busy time of the year; it’s time to prepare for back to school; maybe you’re squeezing in a family vacation, and of course it’s the month of the Iowa State Fair! What you may not know is that August is also Family Meals Month, which falls during a great time of year. We st

JUNE 2017 NEWSLETTER – Men’s Health

Posted on 05 Jun 2017
June is an exciting month because it celebrates Dad!… or Grandpa, or a brother, son, nephew, etc. Not only does Father’s Day fall on June 18th, but the entire month focuses on Men’s Health. The goal of this month is to encourage healthy behaviors for the males in our lives such

MAY 2017 NEWSLETTER – Eating For Bone Health

Posted on 08 May 2017
As we say goodbye to April, we welcome the month of May with open arms! One important topic we’re going to focus on this month is Bone Health. There are so many things we can do to optimize and maintain strong, healthy bones! As we age, both men and women lose bone density; this is no

APRIL 2017 NEWSLETTER – Spring!!!

Posted on 03 Apr 2017
Happy Spring! Who doesn’t love the month of April and everything that comes with it?! Most of us really look forward to seeing all the bright colors spring into full bloom. April is National Garden Month and we encourage you to add some colorful variety to not only your plate, b

MARCH 2017 NEWSLETTER – National Nutrition Month

Posted on 02 Mar 2017
This month, let’s focus on the importance of being physically active — despite the conditions outside (some days!) — but gearing activities toward pregnant women specifically. It’s common for pregnant women to wonder how much exercise is too much or whether or not exercise is ev


Posted on 03 Feb 2017
This month, we’re going to focus on the heart of the matter… the health of our heart! Our heart continually works for us and our bodies throughout the day and continues while we rejuvenate at night. That’s a lot of work! The heart’s main job is to pump blood throughout our body, inclu

JANUARY 2017 Newsletter – Healthy Habits

Posted on 03 Jan 2017
Happy 2017! Each new year we welcome resolutions, both for ourselves and for our families. These often include introducing good habits, such as hitting the gym and choosing health foods. Though these are great goals, we want challenge you to more of a unique, fun task:  incorporating

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