Monica Lursen RDN, LD, CLF

A few facts about myself :

  • I am a fourth generation farmHER (meaning there have been strong farm women behind each of the previous generations) that supports the fantastic life found on an Iowa farm.
  • Three of those generations have been Iowa State University Cyclones – so I am a loyal alumnus as well as a fanatic fan.
  • I love to quilt and scrapbook , often having difficulty finding time for these leisure pursuits. I turn to them as my mental therapy!

How did you become interested in dietetics?
My mother’s sister was a 1938 graduate of Iowa State in experimental cookery and following graduation and a short stint at Mercy Hospital in Des Moines she joined the Women’s Army Corp as a 1st Lieutenant during World War II. She spent time in the Philippines refeeding prisoners of  war and had many amazing stories of her dietetic career in the 1940’s. My high school home economics teacher was also a fabulous mentor who steered me in the direction of food and nutrition.

What do you enjoy most about being a dietitian?
I love the power of food and nutrition and the opportunity to teach others about it. I love the professional networking and the ongoing nature of the field and am challenged to still be learning.

Do you have any advice for others who want to be successful in the dietetics field?
Be open to new experiences and opportunities and always be willing to learn and adapt to changing circumstances and information.

What is your guilty food pleasure?
 I have always taught my clients that there is no bad food, so don’t feel guilty about eating it. What one must be aware of is why we are eating it, how much and how often as those issues can turn food from an enjoyment to a guilty pleasure. I love  chocolate and wine, however consumed infrequently and in small quantities can be fit into my calories for the day or week.


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