Alison St. Germain MS, RD, LD

A few facts about myself :

  • I grew up 50 miles from the Canadian border and 15 miles from the North Dakota border and lived there for 21 years.
  • I started running at age 21 and fell in love; However, I injured both of my great toe joints in Tae Kwon Do in my 30’s and had to have bi-lateral foot surgery and was told I would not be able to run again other than a mile jog occasionally. I am happy to report that I ran my first ½ marathon in my 40’s and have done several endurance type races since without injury or pain! Never say never!
  • I have been married for 25 years; I have an 18-year- old daughter and 15-year- old daughter; a 9 month old Morkie, and 8 ducks (raised by my daughters) and we don’t live in the country!!


How did you become interested in dietetics?

I started out in Business and graduated with my AA and worked for a year at a law firm. I realized this was not my calling and decided to pursue a degree in dietetics. I had always been interested in the medical profession but nursing didn’t seem quite right, and I was not interested in the long route of med school. Since I had always been interested in food and health and how that relates, becoming an RD was my goal.

What do you enjoy most about being a dietitian?

I enjoy the education part of being a dietitian the most—whether it be with students, interns, or the public. I especially like to clear up any misinformation that becomes widely distributed with the internet and social media. I like to provide people with facts. I also like to use my profession as a platform to spread body positivity messages and create awareness that health comes in all sizes and you don’t have to look a certain way to be healthy; and to focus on eating and moving in a way that makes you feel good, strong, and empowered vs eating and exercising just to lose weight and burn Calories.

Do you have any advice for others who want to be successful in the dietetics field?

My advice to anyone wanting to become a Registered Dietitian or anyone in the health profession is to do some deep reflection on your own relationship with food and your body. If you don’t have a healthy relationship with food and your body, you can’t take your patient or client any further than you yourself have come.

What do you enjoy most about your career?

I enjoy all aspects of being a Registered Dietitian. I especially like the diversity in the profession. I started out in the community with WIC, have worked clinically in hospitals and long-term care, have done private practice and am now an educator at ISU. It is always fun an exciting and I never get bored.


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