Iowa Dietitian Licensure Audit – What to do if it is you

Late last spring I received a letter notifying me I was randomly selected for a post renewal continuing education audit of my Iowa dietitian license. My first thoughts were worry and panic – do I have enough credits? What is the requirement for number of continuing education credits? Will I lose my license? As a new dietitian, I had been primarily focusing on my first Commission on Dietetic Registration (CDR) cycle, not Iowa licensure. What is an Iowa dietitian to do?

First, I read the letter, which outlined several important points:

  • I had one month to complete the paperwork and return to Iowa Professional Licensure office.
  • I needed to provide proof I have taken the required amount of continuing education courses for the last biennium (2 years). In Iowa, the requirement is at least 30 hours of continuing education per biennium.
  • When submitting my continuing education, I needed to include copies of course completion documentation, which specified the course date, location, course title, presenter, and the number of hours completed.
  • My continuing education documentation could be uploaded 24/7 through the Board’s online webpage. There are also options to e-mail, fax, or mail in documentation.
  • After review, the Board would only contact me if my audit materials were found deficient. Thankfully I was not contacted!


My tips for successful maintenance of Iowa dietitian licensure:

  • Make it a goal to receive 15 continuing education credits each year.
  • Keep copies of continuing education documentation in a designated file.
  • Make a note in your calendar to renew your Iowa dietitian license – this occurs every two years on your birthday.
  • Bookmark these websites:

Moral of the story – keep your continuing education documentation in a safe spot and know the requirements. This way, if you receive the same letter I did, you can avoid the worry and panic I experienced, will be able to send your materials in with confidence, and can go back to work using your dietitian superpowers!


Blog provided by: Rachel Wall, MS, RD, LD